Music Project Live is a company that was created to keep music, related arts, and live entertainment alive in a flourishing market that is turning more to online and digital platforms.

We believe that it’s important to never forget where music came from. We can’t forget how still to this day, in some way or form, it continues to change peoples lives.

‘Success is nice, but it shouldn’t be the only reason why you’re a musician.’ – Chester Bennington of Linkin Park (1976-2017)

A musician’s success is never just an instant thing that happens. It is a long process of taking a good look at the reflections of what they’ve gone through in life, turning those events into lyrics that speak louder than anything else. It’s perfecting a craft that speaks to a person’s soul.

Attending live music events can create a sense of unity among complete strangers or casual friends. The music industry will always thrive and cities all over the world have so much to benefit from by simply hosting these events. The show must always go on!

Here, at Music Project Live, we take you on a musical journey of discovery. The origins and dynamics of music, the careers built solely on the pure love for music, and what upcoming music events you can keep a lookout for!