Why A Music Ecosystem Keeps Cities Alive

The music entertainment industry is a competitive market these days. Nearly every music lover will attempt to get their foot in the door some way or another. Every person knows just how lucrative a career in the music industry can be, especially if it includes regular live entertainment events.

A Bridge of Unity

With the love of music, diverse cultures are brought together. It is one of the few ways of expression by communicating unspoken feelings and bringing communities together regardless of race, gender, religion, and sexuality.

The Ecosystem That Could Save An Economy

Cities around the world, at one time or another, have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a failing economy. Communities rally together for change and hope for a better economic future for their city. However, despite economic slumps, there is a way in which the music ecosystem could boost cities like nothing else has before.

Places around the globe that have fallen through the cracks of economic strain, can create a dramatic comeback from the economy’s fall from grace. Yes, this means providing more live music entertainment in various cities around the world. This is an ecosystem that is consistently flourishing. Why not draw in the tourists and locals to different cities to enjoy good old-fashioned live entertainment?

The Ten-Fold Results

Ticket sales for these gigs bring in revenue as well as the selected merchandise on sale at certain events. Everyone needs food to eat and beverages to quench their thirst, yet another way to boost revenue. Families that visit faraway cities to attend music festivals usually book accommodation facilities within the city. Restaurant patrons increase as the establishments bend over backward to handle the sudden influx of people into their city.

The world economy will always, somehow, be able to pick up the pieces of struggling nations by unifying through a common and lucrative passion that is live music entertainment!

Why Live Entertainment Is The Way Forward

Unforgettable experiences and memories are created when friends and families enjoy a live music event together. Whether it’s your favorite boy band or a new and upcoming solo artist performing in the opening act of a seasoned music performer.

Support Matters

Artists work incredibly hard to make a name for themselves in the sort of industry that is almost unbreakable yet so competitive. Musicians that invest their time, money, and skills into making a living out of their passion, independently or commercially, deserve to be supported by an ever-growing audience.

Help others make a difference in music by showing up and supporting live music entertainment. It all starts there – on a stage, with a gifted musician, and a huge audience!

Why Music is Good for the Soul

Life gives us those moments when we simply don’t know how to verbalize our feelings leaving us in utter silence. Yet, music can speak a thousand words and evoke emotions one might never have felt before. Music is a universal language understood by billions of people in the world. Some say music is like touching heaven with a sweet melody.

Music Broken Down

By definition, music is an art form made up of elements such as pitch, rhythm, and tempo. The word derives from the Greek word mousike which directly translates to ‘art of the Muses’. Music is classified into genres and sub-genres. Genres include country, pop, rock, indie, among others.

Music has a profound influence on our everyday lives. It plays an important role in different cultures with events and ceremonies like marriage, graduations, and even forms an important part of religion or spirituality.

People are bonded by music in social activities like dancing, singing karaoke in a bar, or even by being part of a choir. Those that have a burning passion for music have taken the brave step of making it a solid career choice whether it’s becoming a musician, songwriter, composer, or a music producer.

The Power of Music

Music and emotions are connected in a way that, if explored scientifically, would probably blow our minds away. Melodies and the accompanying lyrics have a way of evoking feelings and emotions within ourselves. Science has proven that people who suffer from mood disorders or emotional trauma actually respond well to musical therapy.

Just how powerful can music really be? Unspoken words are conveyed through song and dance. Listening to music helps your body release a hormone called dopamine which increases one’s motivation levels. Movies contain composed music to change the mood or atmosphere in different scenes. Some people feel more spiritually minded through music. Although, let’s not forget the simplest thing of all – music is a form of entertainment that can make one feel happy for no reason at all!

Infographic by: visual.ly